Decrypt PDF

Remove password of pdf files

PDF Security

Owner password

How to decrypt PDF

Just upload your pdf file by clicking on the browse button and set your file. Click on Get PDF and just wait until the decryption is complete and file download automatically.

How to use API

We have an API to decrypt PDF. Using a POST call or sending a JSON, you can perform the encryption from most programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java or .NET. API


  • Decrypt the PDF with the owner password
  • Remove all protections

Your privacy is important to us

After the conversion, your files will be deleted from our servers forever. If you want to know more please read our privacy policy.

We support all platforms

As a web application, you can encrypt PDFs on all operating systems using the latest web browsers. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The perfect decryption tool

You only need the password of pdf file. Decrypting has never been so easy!